Clash royale is a best online game for playing at a free time

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Clash royale is a best online game for playing at a free time

March 16, 2017 Mobile Gaming 0

Clash Royale is one of the video game or online game and it is a real-time multiplayer game and that can be played by using Mobile phones. Crash Royale is an excellent free-to-play tower defense game in this game the players are ranked by their level and arena. In this game the maximum level is thirteen and then how a player wins a battle means by destroy a more towers than their opponent team and destroying an opponent team King tower.

How to win at Clash Royale?

To win at a Clash Royale game means the 20 top tips and tricks are used and they are first the players are balance a Clash Royale deck and then using a unit that only attacks a tower. Then Figure out how to pair units, consider using spells, use swarms to take down big foes. Always playing a Clash Royale game with audio in on condition why this means the game must not having inspired sound effects and it attract a players attention  when the units are plonked down. Then take a time, build bushes from the back, learn how to distract enemy troops, don’t get greedy when in the lead. Then sacrifice towers when all is lost, be a Clash Royale clock watcher it is lead to wining and score more level than opponent team. Learn effective elixir trades, use a clash Royale trainers that the trick means in a cards tab select a battle deck. Take a break during losing streaks. Join to a Clash Royale clan why this means the clans are the vital part of Clash Royale. Then spent money wisely to maximize the Clash Royale chests, watch their own replays finally make use of TV Royale. Another important thing need to say about clash royale hack, it the easiest and fastest way to win the match. The above steps and the tricks are very useful to winning at Clash Royale game.

Cards most used in Clash Royale game:

To hit a opponent team tower means the cards like Zap, Fireball, Mega Minion, Arches,  Giant, The logm, Hog Rider, Minions, Miner, Arrows, Knight, witch,  Bomber etc are used. In this Clash Royale game the usage of cards are only methods to developing troops. In this game there are three types of cards and they are Troop, Spell and Building. Currently there are 24 Clash cards are used and the Clash cards can be obtained by buying with gold.

How to use different cards effectively?

The arches are unlocked from the Training camp and the arches having a medium Hit speed and low damage. The his speed and damage for the arches are different at each levels for example the Hit speed for a level 1 is  125 and damage percentage is 41 and the hit speed for a level 2 is 137 and the damage percentage is 45.


The Balloon is unlocked by Arena 2, it is one of the powerful card why this means it targets a building only. The hit speed for a Balloon is 3sec and the speed is a medium and the card is a troop type.

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