Pixel Gun 3D Review To Gain Better Game Insight

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Pixel Gun 3D Review To Gain Better Game Insight

September 5, 2016 pixel-gun-3d-tricks 0

As an avid gamer, I have played almost all kinds of games including the Minecraft that has the same boxy graphics as that of the Pixel Gun 3D. Coming from the same developers, it is not unusual that the games have similar graphics though the characters of the games differ. As for the Pixel Gun, I surely had a lot of fun time playing the exclusive shooting game that is surely exciting, to say the least. The game is fast paced and this adds the thrill to the shooting sprees in each of the modes that it has.

The boxy enemies

The continual upgrade and the additions in the different sections of the game especially when it comes to that of the weapon is surely one big incentive that any avid player like me is likely to appreciate in the game. The boxy looking yet with a close resemblance to the real Pharaoh, the Pharaoh Stalker, Bug, Dragon, the Bug, the Pyramid Head or the Military machines are some of the menacing enemies to overcome in the game. The health of the enemy depends on the number of the projectiles that are needed to like them that has to be procured in advance to stay ahead.

A survival game



The all out shooting game is a based on the theory of survival of the fittest with the continual lookout for the enemy on the prowl and blow them apart. This is one game that no player is likely to get easily bored of. There are different world settings to choose from and also the Single Player or the Multiple Player modes designed to make the action superfast. The survival game calls for the random shooting of all enemies crawling in from all sides to increase the points that help in getting more coins that are helpful for the buying if the arms.

With options to choose from

The game is best played with friends that come together to form groups taking on the other groups from any part of the globe. According to the intensity of the survival, fights are the three different modes, the Cooperative, the Deadly Games and the ultimate DeathMatch. Each of the games have seven different levels apart from the individual choices of the sub-levels. These are little pixel gun 3d hack for the players. For example, the Cooperative Mode gives three choices of the Team Battle, the Time Survival, and the Boss Battle. The selection of the savvy machinery like the Secret Force Rifles, Laser Minigun and a host of others make the shoot out a blast of a game.

More than a fun game

The Survival Mode for the individual players I was swarmed by a sea of monsters, and it was fun overpowering them in record time with the continual spawning of the ammo, shields, and the life packs. What makes even the simplest form of the game a pulsating one is the variety of the enemies that pop up from all angles. Keeping the heads down to shoot the creeping zombies is a lot more than just fun; it has surely helped in sharpening my survival skills. The only flip side of the game is that it occupies a lot of space in the device.

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